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Batman: Evolving The Legend

Linked by Paul Ciano on June 9, 2016

Kaptain Kristian:

It'd be tough to find a piece of DC Comics media after 1992 that hasn't been majorly influenced by Batman: The Animated Series.


It went well beyond its generation because it took the best elements of every era of Batman, and brought it all under one banner...

September Premiere

There was a demand within Warner Brothers for a darker, serialized Batman cartoon to capitalize on the success of Burton's Batman film.

Rooftop Fight

…it was a somewhat radical idea to do something more mature in tone, with a darker atmosphere, and more sophisticated writing.


Understanding the rogues gave you a greater insight into Batman's psyche, and you realize, he's not just trying to beat supervillians, he's trying to save these victims of mental illness and obsession.

Heart of Ice

…Hamill's Joker was both charismatic and utterly terrifying. He was able to bring that character to a whole new level.


These cartoons are over twenty years old now, and there isn't a hint of anachronism to them. They're as timeless as the Fleischer Superman serials. This was a show that truly respected the source material, and had a great love and understanding of the characters in that world. And it's not just one of the best portrayals of Batman, it's one of the best pieces of animation of all time.

The Dark Knight

Since its end, many have tried their hand at capturing the essence of what made Batman: The Animated Series so special. Some have come close, but this is the first one to get it right.

Paul Ciano

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