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Enter 'The Glass Room,' Where Privacy Goes To Die

Linked by Paul Ciano on December 4, 2016



The “store” isn’t actually a store, of course. This was the opening party for The Glass Room, a pop-up digital privacy space that’s free and open to the public through December 14, courtesy of Mozilla, makers of the Firefox browser, and the Tactical Technology Collective, a Berlin-based activist group known for interventions in online security and digital rights.

The “products” that sit on pedestals inside the Glass Room aren’t for sale, and range from playful art installations to demonstrations of actual surveillance tools used by law enforcement and private corporations. Near the front is a multi-volume hardcover encyclopedia of LinkedIn passwords leaked in a 2012 data dump, printed by artist Aram Bartholl. On a large table behind the books is a glass bubble enclosing a scale model of Mark Zuckerberg’s infamously-secluded home (he bought the 4 surrounding houses to ensure his privacy) as well as a reconstruction of the main offices of Palantir, the shadowy US government data mining contractor started by noted Donald Trump supporter and alleged vampiric billionaire Peter Thiel.

Paul Ciano

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