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Justice League Action Gives a Nod to Superman II in New Clip

Linked by Paul Ciano on December 25, 2016


If you have any doubts about the cleverness of “Justice League Action,” you need look no further than this new clip, which makes a somewhat-obvious allusion to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” only to slip in a winking reference to 1980’s “Superman II” as a bonus.

In this clip, several key Justice League members are being controlled by the Toyman. Cyborg thinks they have a chance to escape if he can goad the Toyman into letting him play against him. The Toyman accepts, and we get several, hilarious moments.

First, the Toyman calls dibs on Superman.

Dibs on Superman

Then, he forces Cyborg to play as Batman, who is chagrined because his character doesn’t have any superpowers. Batman was not pleased by this observation. Superpower envy!

No Batman powers

Superman turned out to have a trick up his sleeve (chest?).


But Batman had the ultimate hidden asset, because he’s the goddamned Batman!

Kryptonite Ring Punch

And of course, Batman wins.

Batman Wins

I have not had a chance to check out Justice League Action yet, but from this clip, it seems like things are on the right track. Those Dawn of Justice memories cannot be wiped away too soon.

Paul Ciano

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