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Matt Damon's Commencement Address

Linked by Paul Ciano on June 4, 2016

Good advice.

Human beings will take your breath away. They will teach you a lot... but you have to engage.

I only had that experience because I went there myself. It was horrible in many ways, it was hard to get to ... but of course that’s the point.

There’s a lot of trouble out there, MIT. But there’s a lot of beauty, too. I hope you see both.

But again, the point is not to become some kind of well-rounded, high-minded voyeur.

The point is to try to eliminate your blind spots — the things that keep us from grasping the bigger picture. And look, even though I grew up in this neighborhood — in this incredible, multicultural neighborhood that was a little rough at that time — I find myself here before you as an American, white, male movie star. I don’t have a clue where my blind spots begin and end.

But looking at the world as it is, and engaging with it, is the first step toward finding our blind spots. And that’s when we can really start to understand ourselves better ... and begin to solve some problems.

Paul Ciano

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