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Millennials Have Discovered 'Going Out' Sucks

Linked by Paul Ciano on September 6, 2016

Harry Cheadle:

So stay in tonight. Get a decent bottle of red wine or one of those bourgeois-ass beers that’s brewed with like, lemon peels. Watch an entire Prince concert or a shitload of Peep Show. Or, fuck it, go Full Old and read a book. Sleep when you’re tired. Wake up feeling rested for once. Go to the park. You’d be surprised by all the places you can go when you’re not going out, and how nice the people are once you’re there.

Discover? I figured out there ain’t nothing in the ’verse that a book and some fancy, hipster tea couldn’t solve before I hit puberty (parks FTW, too). Bring on Full Old!

Paul Ciano

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