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Reddit: I Don't Feel Like a Democrat Anymore

Linked by Paul Ciano on July 30, 2016


I’ve been thinking about the contrast at the Democratic convention.

I’m looking at the people inside of the convention and the people outside the convention and I’m just asking myself, why did I ever think what is inside the convention was ok?

I mean, in what universe is what went on in that convention representative of The People? How did we get from this to this?

I feel like I’m just waking up to my first morning after breaking up with an abusive spouse. I want to be on the outside of that convention, not the inside. I want to be with the people who are singing and chanting and marching and expressing themselves. How did we lose track of the activism of the 60’s and 70’s so thoroughly?

I want to be free of this neo-liberal nightmare and see the end the corporate takeover of our government. I want to see the power put back into the hands of the people.


The year was 1980, democracy died when ron rayguns was elected over a good and decent man. That decent man gave a speech foretelling the shit storm we have today, but americans, being grasshoppers ignored the warnings and put the king douche in charge. It was this point where democrats died and came back to life as republicans. The republiscum became insane, not just right wing, fucking insane. The democrats were left to perish, only a handful remain. Liz Warren has explained over and over, since 1980 they keep pulling threads out of the blanket till only some yarn is left. Everyone of the “leaders” including bubba, he was crooked down the middle and things were ok, not good, but just ok when he was in charge. In 2000 we said fuck everything you learned in goddamned kindergarten, elections in this country will never be honest and fair again.

The activism was killed along with 4 students at ohio state. It was when we realized they would rather kill children than do what is morally and fiscally right. Unarmed, peacefully protesting, students murdered. The majority of the country thought this was just fine at the time, it wasn’t their kids.

So this is probably the very last chance to save the country from the oligarchs. If someone with reason and morals doesn’t get elected it’s probably over and we will be slaves till the whole shitstain burns to the ground, as all the others have through out history. If anyone thinks shrillalry will do it, you don’t understand the problem. She is related to goldman sachs for fuck sake, we are doomed.


Do you? From what I am reading - a lot of people seem to think a political ‘revolution’ includes putting a capitalist into a capitalist system. Even if we elected Bernie, the status quo would not have changed because the people with the power are the people who have the capital.

Nearly all of Bernie’s key points can all be traced back to the central problem: capitalism. Income inequality, tuition hikes, increase in the amount of student debt, and jobs being sent overseas are symptoms of a capitalism. The root of a lot of our problems is an economic system that puts greed as the main driving force.

If you want to be free of this neo-liberal nightmare then you need to support candidates that are fighting for democracy at work. If you want to end this corporate takeover of our government, you need to support candidates that want workers to take profit from their labor. If you want see the people put back in power, let them take back their work places and let’s fight for democracy at work.

None of the national political parties share this ideal: green, blue or red. Stein supports a universal basic income but there is a reason that some conservative intellectuals also support it: all the modern day safety nets of capitalism is in one convenient number. Oh how easy it is to cut down a forest when it is only a single tree. UBI would not give the power to the working class because we would still be begging for that check every month from the people who create capital with their capital; we would be begging for that UBI check just like we beg for a raise at work even though wages have stagnated for the last 30 years.

Real change is hard. Real change won’t come in a single national election. We could elect Eugene Debs to the presidency right now and not much would change. Real change takes decades of workers coming together to overthrow a system that has bankrupted their futures. Real change is starting at the city councils in your town instead of flashy national television campaigns focused on fundraising rather than governing (this is where the Green party is seemingly fixated on). Nobody will elect a party nationally that can’t even manage the local city council. However, if a socialist party took control of a city council and then that city started doing better we would have an example; we would have something to point to as a stalwart of our movement.

Real change is going to come when we start learning about leftist revolutions that have come before us; we need to learn from their mistakes and successes. The system is corrupt now but leftists have overthrown governments with much more authoritarian powers. I just finished this book (Kautsky, “Road to Power”) and it centers around leftists gaining power in a political system:

Kautsky was the main inspiration for Eugene Debs (the most successful socialist in US history) to change from liberal to socialist. Debs is also a great place to start if you want to learn about leftists in the US. We do exist and we say: do not accept the mirage of a ‘well regulated’ capitalist future

Paul Ciano

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