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So Yeah, Mother’s Day

Linked by Paul Ciano on May 8, 2016

Chrissie Pollock:

Tomorrow, here in the United States, we celebrate Mother’s Day. I’m a mom, and I have to admit that when this day hits every year, I’m filled with mixed-emotions. Why do I get celebrated for being the receiver of an amazing gift I hope I never take for granted? This year I realize that Mother’s Day is much more than getting spoiled for a day. It’s a healthy reminder to step back and evaluate my own job.

I am one blessed lady. I’m also one who realizes that these gifts are something to protect. I need to remember to treasure the bearers of these gifts and make myself worthy. I hope that going forward, I can be a help to these kiddos without trying to take control. My age and lessons-learned should be assets that help them grow stronger. I want to be the roots that stay hidden in the background as these incredible young men and women spring up to be the glorious flowers I know they have the capability of being. And I hope I remember to re-evaluate myself every Mother’s Day, to optimize my offerings for this incredible role I was fortunate enough to receive.

Paul Ciano

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