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The Baby Boomers Might Just Wreck America

Linked by Paul Ciano on October 15, 2016

Remember the magnitude of things that fell under their watch. Remember their comments about you and your generation. Remember their callousness and indifference.

Remember that when they call for your help.

Boomers are now beginning to flood into Social Security and Medicare, the two giant safety-net programs that will start running short of money in the 2030s. The boomer politicians of the last 15 years have allowed the US government to live way beyond its means and make up the difference by borrowing money future generations will have to pay back. The have-it-all generation is going to discover it can only have it all at somebody else’s expense—everybody younger. Neither of this year’s baby-boomer candidates has articulated a way to fix that. But don’t worry, they’ll both end up just fine, even if the rest of us won’t.

Paul Ciano

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