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The thing that bothers me most is when a company goes out of its way to present itself in one light, and then does a 180 once its bottom line is threatened. When it shows its true colors, the taste left in your mouth is that much more bitter.

But in 2014, in the aftermath of the Edward Snowden revelations, Google and Yahoo, the two largest email providers in the world, promised to change that once and for all with a browser plugin that would make sending encrypted emails so seamless anyone could use it.

Now, it’s been almost two years, and encryption is making headlines thanks to the public fight between the FBI and Apple over the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. The controversial case has prompted several tech companies not only to support Apple in court, but also promise even more encryption in their services.

Yet, Google and Yahoo’s projects on secure end-to-end encrypted email have yet to see the light of day. That’s why some are starting to question how much Google and Yahoo really care about making this happen.

Paul Ciano

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