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Warrant-Proof Places

Linked by Paul Ciano on March 3, 2016

Recently, I wrote about my favorite podcast, John Gruber's The Talk Show. At the time, I was not able to articulate why I admire him so much.

Well, here is one, good reason:

There have always been “warrant-proof places” containing information inaccessible to law enforcement: our minds. I support the right to use unbreakable encryption for the same reason I support Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, especially the right to remain silent.

He is one of the few people in technology that speaks up, consistently and continually, about important topics that extend beyond his normal beat. Racism, police misconduct, mass surveillance...these are all substantive issues, and while many are content, either through fear or apathy, to abstain from addressing the often unjust context that surrounds events, Gruber does not hold back.

He gives a shit, and that is enough to earn my respect.

Paul Ciano

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