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Why Batman Returns Is Essential Christmas Viewing

Linked by Paul Ciano on December 30, 2016
Batman Returns

Here’s to the freaks.


Despite all the joyous celebration in Gotham for the Holiday Season, there’s a lingering darkness; a loneliness. We have our three main characters — Batman, Catwoman and Penguin — who all feel disconnected from their community in a big way. But, through combatting each other, and earning their place in Gotham, there’s a bit of solace — they’re all freaks. Despite the fighting, there’s a commonality between our hero and his two foes that justifies they’re existence in Gotham. They’re weird, they don’t feel right in their skin — but they belong in Gotham, despite their feeling of rejection. Gotham is a weird place, for weird folks. And it’s somewhere the freaks belong. Whether they’re running for mayor to make up for a feeling of inadequacy, pining for an unrequited love, or seeking revenge on a misogynistic boss — they all want to fit in. And they do, with one another.

Paul Ciano

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