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Why Christopher Hitchens Was a Hero to Scientists

Linked by Paul Ciano on December 24, 2016

Lawrence Krauss:

Christopher was a beacon of knowledge and light, in a world that constantly threatens to extinguish both. He had the courage to accept the world for just what it is and not what he wanted it to be…He embodied the delicious possibilities of existence and the profound sense of satisfaction that intellectual exploration, integrity, and bravery can bring—especially when confronting power with knowledge—even as he openly recognized the possibility of a successful outcome in any such battle is always slim.

Those were the two features that were most crucial to what I admired about the man. It takes courage to speak out against injustice and ignorance wherever you see it, no matter whose sensibilities you ruffle. But it takes far more courage to do that when you realize that the odds are overwhelming that you’ll lose—that stupidity, prejudice, superstition, hatred, power, and money generally win. But it doesn’t matter: You can’t give up…Many is the day when I think, “How will I present something?” And I’m guided by that simple question that so many religious people ask in their lives but I change the wording: I ask, “What would Christopher do?”

Paul Ciano

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