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12 New Year’s Resolutions for Introverts

Linked by Paul Ciano on January 5, 2017

Grab your Kindle and some hipster tea and brace yourself for some good introvert advice.

Jennifer Granneman:

When I was a teenager, I did something sacred every New Year’s Eve. I collected a few sentimental items—like the school newspaper I was published in or the animal-shaped eraser my best friend and I had an inside joke about—and put them in a box. On a piece of paper, I wrote about the highlights of the year and my hopes for the future and put that in the box as well. Then I sealed the time capsule with duct tape, wrote a warning to not open it until New Year’s Eve next year, and hid it in the basement. That’s because, even as a kid, I regarded the New Year as a time of reflection. I guess you could say my “introverted” ways began young.

I don’t do this today. As an adult, I feel a year goes by quickly now. But the New Year is still a time of reflection for me as, I imagine, it is for many deep-thinking introverts. And for many people, introverted or not, the New Year is a chance to start fresh.

So, with the New Year just around the corner, here are 12 resolutions you could make as an introvert in 2017:

Paul Ciano

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