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Daredevil: Unhinged

Linked by Paul Ciano on September 17, 2017

I’m not a bad guy, Red.

You wanna explain that to the orphans and the widows of the men you killed?

Oh, for Christ’s sake, is that what you think? I’m just some crazy asshole going around unloading on whoever I want to, huh? Is that it?

Yeah, that’s exactly what I think. You think you’re anything else?

I think that the people I kill need killing. That’s what I think.

You left men hanging from meat hooks.

They got off easy, in my opinion.

You shot up a hospital.

Yeah, and nobody got hurt who didn’t deserve it.

Oh, yeah, what about you, Frank? What happens the day someone decides you deserve it?

I tell you what, they better not miss.

Come on. You run around this city like it’s your damn shooting gallery.

Yeah, what do you do? What do you do? You act like it’s a playground. You beat up the bullies with your fists. You throw ‘em in jail. Everybody calls you a hero, right? And then a month, a week, a day later, they’re back on the street doing the same goddamn thing!

So you just put ‘em in the morgue.

You’re goddamn right I do.

You ever doubt yourself, Frank?

Not even for a second.

Really, you never think for one second, “Shit, I just killed a human being.”

That’s being pretty generous.

A human being, who did a lot of stupid shit, maybe even evil, but had one, small piece of goodness in ‘em. Maybe just a scrap, Frank, but something. And then you come along and that one tiny flicker of light gets snuffed out forever.

I think you’re wrong.

Which part?

All of it. I think there’s no good in the filth that I put down. That’s what I think.

And how do you know?

I just know. Look around, Red. This city, it stinks. It’s a sewer. It stinks, and it smells like shit and I can’t get the stink out of my nose. I think that this world, it needs men that are willing to make the hard call. That’s what I think. I think you and me are the same…

That’s bullshit, Frank, and you know it!

…only I do the one thing that you can’t. You hit ‘em and they get back up. I hit ‘em and they stay down! I make sure that they don’t make it out on the street again. I take pride in that.

Let me ask you this.

What’s that?

What about hope?

Oh, fuck. You wanna talk about Santa Claus?

I live in the real world, too, and I’ve seen it.

What have you seen?

Redemption, Frank. It’s real, and it’s possible. The people you murder deserve another chance.

To what? Kill again, rape again? Is that what you want?

No, Frank. To try again, Frank. To try. And if you don’t get that, there’s something broken in you you can’t fix, and you really are a nutjob.

What’d you say?

You’re unhinged, Frank. You are. You think God made you a one-man firing squad, but you’re wrong. There is goodness in people, even in you. And you’re gonna have to kill me, cause I’m never gonna stop coming for you, until I take you down. You wanna know why?

Why’s that?

Because you’re insane.

Paul Ciano

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