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How to Care for Your Introvert

Linked by Paul Ciano on October 13, 2017

Deep, deep cuts here, kiddos.

Now, if you’re looking to get an introvert, you can either adopt a baby one, known as a shylet, or rescue an adult from an introvert shelter, generally referred to as a library.


On arriving home, show your new introvert the location of the litter tray, the feeding bowl, and any windows it can jump out of in case the doorbell rings.

Hyperbolic, but…pretty much.

They are generally never found together in the wild, except by accident, in which case, they will apologize for making eye contact, nod politely, then run screaming in opposite directions.

That hits close to home 😬 🏃🏻 🌲

No Phone

Phone calls should be scheduled with pre-approval. This is known.


No comment.

You, yourself, might be an introvert without realizing if you find yourself mentally exhausted after hanging out with people, even those you like, enjoy dining or going to the movies alone, or go to leave your apartment, notice your neighbor is out in the hallway, then suddenly grow convinced that you need to go back inside to do some “important stuff.”

Guilty as charged.

Via Boing Boing.

Paul Ciano

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