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My Windows Rumspringa

Linked by Paul Ciano on January 11, 2017

Joel Johnson:

It was my MacBook Pro’s battery, and not the multiple hard crashes, that finally unwove the illusion. The battery is too small, even if, practically, I rarely use a laptop off the plug. Unlike many, I actually do want my laptops to get smaller, lighter, and thinner, and am even willing to trade some capability to get it. Not much capability, mind you, but a little; I’ll fuck with a weird keyboard, sure. It was Apple’s response to the complaints of poor (or at least confusing) battery life that soured me: When MacOS’s battery widget was reporting inconsistent predictions of time remaining, Apple simply removed the widget. It’s such a small thing, but it was enough to make me waver, to ask the question that any supplicant should always ask when told that their complaints are trivial: Are they looking out for themselves or for me?

Paul Ciano

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