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Nine Inch Nails: Getting Smaller

Linked by Paul Ciano on May 23, 2017

Getting a little erratic here
And I don’t know who to trust
I guess they got a way of reading my mind
I guess I gotta adjust

I got my arms they flip flop flip flop flip
I got my head on a spring
Well I thought I got you on my side
I haven’t got fucking anything

I’m just a face in the crowd
Nothing to worry about
Not even tryin’ to stand out
I’m getting smaller and smaller and smaller

And I have nothing to say
It’s all been taken away
I just behave and obey
I’m afraid I am starting to fade away

I cannot see through the cracks
When I’m pressed up on the wall
I’m not looking to stand up real high
I’d be happy to crawl

I think I’m losing my grip
But I can still make a fist
You know I still got my one good arm
That I can beat, I can beat myself up with

And for what it is worth
I really used to believe
That maybe there’s some great thing
That we could achieve

And now I can’t tell the difference
Don’t know what to feel
Between what I’ve been trying so hard to see
And what appears to be real

Paul Ciano

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