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On Feminism & Women’s Day

Linked by Paul Ciano on March 10, 2017

Legend of Velda:

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about a gender equality pendulum and how it’s starting to swing so far that things will soon be grossly unequal.

It seems the concern is that we may soon have a world where women dominate the public landscape, lead most of the businesses, possess most of the wealth, and run most of the governments. Where a man’s perceived worth hangs heavily on him being small, young, and beautiful, and he spends a chunk of his smaller pay check on products to make him fit to be seen in public. Where most movies are about women, unless it’s a dude-flick. Where we address mixed audiences as “ladies.” Where good women escort their men through public spaces to make sure they’re protected from girls being girls, but rationalize abuse at home.

Maybe they’re imagining a country that rejects a man, citing his wife’s infidelity, but elects a woman who brags about assaulting men and creeping on young boys. Where women lecture men about how they should simply talk to HR or get a different job if a company treats them badly. Where men who pipe up about such things are dismissed as snowflakes who don’t how good they’ve got it. Maybe they even get death threats. And in that world, a woman who stands against it can expect the ultimate insult: to be called a man.

I honestly couldn’t tolerate such inequality either. Can you?

Paul Ciano

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