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Rage Against The Machine: Wake Up

Linked by Paul Ciano on January 16, 2017

What do I have to do to wake you up?

Standin’ with the fury that they had in ‘66
And like E-Double I’m mad
Still knee-deep in the system’s shit

Hoover, he was a body remover
I’ll give ya a dose
But it’ll never come close
To the rage built up inside of me
Fist in the air, in the land of hypocrisy

Movements come and movements go
Leaders speak, movements cease
When their heads are flown
‘Cause all these punks
Got bullets in their heads
Departments of police, the judges, the feds

Networks at work, keepin’ people calm
You know they went after King
When he spoke out on Vietnam
He turned the power to the have-nots
And then came the shot

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, courtesy of the FBI.

FBI Letter to Martin Luther King, Jr.

How long? Not long, ‘cause what you reap, is what you sow.

Paul Ciano

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