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RSS: There's Nothing Better

Linked by Paul Ciano on November 13, 2017

David Yates:

“Damn. If only there was some system which allowed you to follow updates to blogs and websites you care about in a manner that ensured you never missed an update, could find new updates at a glance, and didn’t have to wade through masses of noise to do so. …Hey, this would be a great idea for a startup!”

“I think you’ll find it’s already been done.”

“Really? Who by? Why didn’t you mention this earlier?”

“It’s this really cool open standard called Really Simple Syndication, or RSS for short.

“But, but, XML is gross! RSS is dead! 2007!”

“Yes, the technology is dated, but it remains the best at what it does and isn’t closed source or tied to some Silicon Valley company. It still works, is widely supported and does what it does better than any alternative that’s come out since. Sometimes, newer isn’t better. Sometimes the problem has already been solved. No blog or news website should be too new or too minimal to support RSS.”


Paul Ciano

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