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The World of Tomorrow: Second

Linked by Paul Ciano on September 13, 2017

Frank Rieger, 2005:

Second, climate change increases the frequency and devastation of natural disasters, creating large scale emergency situations. Depending on geography, large parts of land may become uninhabitable due to draught, flood, fires or plagues. This creates a multitude of unpleasant effects. A large number of people need to move, crop and animal production shrinks, industrial centers and cities may be damaged to the point where abandoning them is the only sensible choice left. The loss of property like non-usable (or non-insurable) real estate will be frightening. The resulting internal migratory pressures towards “safe areas” become a significant problem. Properly trained personal, equipment, and supplies to respond to environmental emergencies are needed standby all the time, eating up scarce government resources. The conscript parts of national armed forces may be formed into disaster relief units as they hang around anyway with no real job to do except securing fossil energy sources abroad and helping out the border police.

Paul Ciano

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