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The World of Tomorrow: Third

Linked by Paul Ciano on December 5, 2017

Frank Rieger, 2005:

Third, immigration pressure from neighboring regions will raise in all western countries. It looks like the climate disaster will strike worst at first in areas like Africa and Latin America and the economy there is unlikely to cope any better than the western countries with globalization and other problems ahead. So the number of people who want to leave from there to somewhere inhabitable at all costs will rise substantially. The western countries need a certain amount of immigration to fill up their demographic holes but the number of people who want to come will be far higher. Managing a controlled immigration process according to the demographic needs is a nasty task where things can only go wrong most of the time. The nearly unavoidable reaction will be a Fortress Europe: serious border controls and fortifications, frequent and omnipresent internal identity checks, fast and merciless deportation of illegal immigrants, biometrics on every possible corner. Technology for border control can be made quite efficient once ethical hurdles have fallen.

Paul Ciano

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