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A Wave of Cities All over Europe Moving to Nextcloud

Linked by Paul Ciano on June 8, 2018


Tirana, Ålesund, Vaulx-en-Velin, Bochum: What do these cities have in common? Not much, at first sight – the first one is the capital of Albania, the second is located in Norway, while the third one can be found in France, and the last one, in Germany. And still, there’s one thing: they all run Nextcloud!

In the 21st century, public institutions such as municipalities are slowly becoming aware of the fact that our digital tools are a critical point of our infrastructure. An on premises solution means staying in control over sensitive data and avoiding the risks of public clouds.

The open source nature of Nextcloud gives additional benefits: cities gain independence from any specific vendor and the typical abusive license clauses and limitations. Being able to inspect code is an important factor, certainly for larger organizations and government agencies, as is the ability to hire any third party to add integration or new features if needed. For public services, one could add the benefit that any investment in open source can directly and indirectly benefit the wider public! Nextcloud is certainly used by many private home users and small and medium businesses and improvements to the product help them all.

Paul Ciano

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