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Apple Discontinues AirPort Routers

Linked by Paul Ciano on May 18, 2018

Federico Viticci, MacStories:

As much as I’ve tried to understand the argument that Apple needs to focus on fewer products, I just can’t buy into the idea that they had to stop making WiFi routers.

My stance is pretty straightforward: everybody needs a WiFi router and the vast majority of routers suck. They are unsightly pieces of plastic that feature an assortment of meaningless blinking lights which you have to manage through terrifyingly confusing web apps.

Several years ago, when Apple started to more greatly emphasize valuing privacy, I had hoped that they would create a Synology NAS-like device, i.e., a self-hosted personal cloud appliance. It seemed that they were already partially there with their popular Time Capsules.

Instead, they started pulling out of certain hardware markets and doubled-down on iCloud services. I can understand the business case for that, but it’s still very disappointing.

It also makes me grateful that we now have Nextcloud.

Rip Airport Base Stations: Why Apple Is Exiting the Wi-fi Router Business | Rene Ritchie, iMore

Paul Ciano

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