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We talked to Michał “Rysiek” Wozniak, Chief Information Security Officer at OCCRP to understand more about the organization and its IT infrastructure. Most of us know OOCRP as a platform to support investigative reporting, but Wozniak said that OCCRP has a dual role.

On one hand it focuses on exposing corruption and organized crime, writing about tax evasion and shady deals. The organization was part of the Panama Papers, and Paradise Papers. OCCRP broke the news about the Russian and Azerbaijani Laundromats, and about illegal arms trade between Balkan states and Syria (with the help of Saudi Arabia and the USA) among many more projects. The organization just published the investigation Jan Kuciak (the murdered journalist from Slovakia) was working on.

“The second role of the organization is to support investigative journalism grow in places where it’s most needed. Post-soviet republics, Latin and South America, Africa… we have about 40 partner organizations around the globe,” said Wozniak.

That’s where tools like Nextcloud become critical. “All of this requires cooperation, coordination, and secure communication for hundreds of people,” added Wozniak.

Paul Ciano

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