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Beatriz Valenzuela, Nerdist News:

Five months after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island of Puerto Rico taking half of Emmanuel Marrero Fonseca’s home, the cosplayer was dealt a blistering blow when his two day old son perished in the hospital due to lack of resources.

“He was in the NICU and after Maria, we had problems with the electricity, gasoline, and other necessities, and one day, he was gone,” said Marrero Fonseca.

Zuriel Emmanuel Marrero Crespo was only 2 days old.

Even with the heaviness in his heart, Marrero like many of his neighbors and family on the island affected by the deadly storm, he was determined to move forward. For him that meant dressing up like Thor, God of Thunder for other children as their island, their islita, continued to recover.

He carved Zuriel’s name into the back of Stormbreaker. Due to the disaster, Marrero Fonseca and his wife have no videos or photographs of their son.

“All I have is Stormbreaker and it comes with me everywhere I go,” he said, his voice cracking.

Exactly three months after the death of his son, Marrero was among the hundred of cosplayers who attended this year’s Puerto Rico Comic-Con May 18 through 20 in San Juan.

Paul Ciano

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