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James Whitbrook, io9:

The build up is slow, yet relentless, combining fleeting glimpses of Vader’s destructive force powers wreaking havoc around his operating table with one final, tragic memory of Padmé, punctuated by his own singular internal thought, repeated over and over.

It is not particularly emotional, either. It’s defiant. It’s dripping with understated rage, a refusal to accept what’s happened to him. The grief internalized rather than externalized—hidden away in the man within the monstrous machine.


You told me you could save her.

In your rage you chose…a different path.

Padmé is dead, my friend. Even the power of the dark side cannot bring her back. But in her death, she has given you a gift. Pain. Now…you must choose. Will you accept that gift? Will you use it…or will you die?

Paul Ciano

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