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To Solve America's Housing Crisis, Build Public Housing

Linked by Paul Ciano on April 15, 2018

Cory Doctorow:

You know what works better than giving tax-credits to property developers, or mandating a few poor-door accessible affordable housing units in a new luxury high rise? Just building affordable housing on public land that’s publicly managed.

Cities already own huge swathes of non-park real estate, and can borrow on terms that are much better than anything a property developer can get; the rents in public housing can be set by accountable governments, there’s no impetus to evict tenants from public housing to move in deep-pocketed yuppies; public housing can be run on a cost basis, or a subsidy, or even a money-making basis, with the surplus going to build and maintain more public housing.

That also has the side-effect of reducing the number of powerful, rich people who have an interest in distorting the housing market to keep prices and rents as high as possible.

Why We Need Social Housing in the US | The Guardian

Paul Ciano

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