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Rachel Monahan, Williamette Week:

No U.S. state currently places statewide limits on how much landlords can increase rent.

But Oregon may soon.

Leadership of the Oregon Senate and House as well as Gov. Kate Brown are negotiating with one another on details of a rent control bill that would restrict how much landlords can hike rent each year, WW has learned.

The fight over rent regulations is a ripple that has the potential to be the first concrete impact on policy of the national “blue wave” that hit Oregon in the November election. The anti-Trump backlash helped strengthen Democrats’ hold on both houses of the state Legislature, giving them supermajorities in both chambers.

“There was an unequivocal message that came out of this election: It’s a whole different ballgame this session,” says Felisa Hagins, political director of Service Employees International Union Local 49. “The legislators are going to have to do a whole host of things to fix the housing crisis, but the tenant protections legislation is a bedrock. We have to keep people in their homes.”

Paul Ciano

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