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Haley Ott, CBS News:

Thousands of scientists came out in support of children’s school strikes on Friday as young people across the world took to the streets again to demand action on climate change. A letter published in the magazine “Science,” titled “Concerns of young protesters are justified,” had been co-signed by more than 3,000 scientists across the globe, and that number continued to grow.

“The current measures for protecting the climate and biosphere are deeply inadequate,” the letter said.

“We see it as our social, ethical, and scholarly responsibility to state in no uncertain terms: Only if humanity acts quickly and resolutely can we limit global warming, halt the ongoing mass extinction of animal and plant species, and preserve the natural basis for the food supply and well-being of present and future generations. This is what the young people want to achieve. They deserve our respect and full support,” it continued.

“Many social, technological, and nature-based solutions already exist,” the letter published on Friday in “Science” said. “The young protesters rightfully demand that these solutions be used to achieve a sustainable society. Without bold and focused action, their future is in critical danger. There is no time to wait until they are in power.”

Paul Ciano

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