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I love the open Web, but lately, there has been a trend that moves control of its future into the hands of centralized, private entities. For this reason, I wanted to remind myself of what blew me away about the Web in the first place.

But AMP’s markup language is really just one part of the picture. After all, if all AMP really wanted to do was strip out all the enhancements and just present the content of a page, there are existing ways to do that. Speeding things up for users is a nice side benefit, but the point of AMP, as with Facebook Articles, looks to be more about locking in users to a particular site/format/service. In this case, though, the “users” aren’t you and I as readers; the “users” are the publishers putting content on the Web.

Scott Gilbertson, How Google’s AMP project speeds up the Web—by sandblasting HTML

I created this site from scratch using mostly HTML and CSS, with just a smidgen of JavaScript for interactivity. It is simple, fast, and does not need to rely on powerful, for-profit corporations to function. The site is maintained with Git and a text editor, so I can take it and host it wherever I like, whenever I like.

On the Web, things are changing faster than ever, and I want this place to serve as a base to demonstrate (at least to myself) that the Web and its core functionality are certainly not broken. Hopefully, more people will appreciate this fact before much of the hard work of so many before us is capitulated to those with mercenary agendas.

Paul Ciano
January 1st, 2016


I am employed by Automattic, the creator of numerous, online properties and maintainer of I own stock in Facebook (FB), Apple (AAPL) and Red Hat (RHT).