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Gramps: The Distance

Published on May 7, 2016 by Paul Ciano

Every once in awhile, I open the cabinet and see this.


After my grandmother died and we were going through her things, my grandfather cut off the picture from her driver’s license (one of the more recent photographs of her before she passed) and placed it in the cupboard, so he could see her face every time he reached for a glass.

I just turned thirty four. My grandparents were married, married, for about twice as long as I’ve been alive. My grandfather has been retired for about as long as I’ve existed.

I think about how people and my country have changed since his time, and facts like these throw me for a loop. Are human beings still capable of such relationships? How bad does our society have to become before everyday people demand genuine, drastic change? More important, will they be smart enough to know where to direct their ire?

My grandfather is about three times as old as I am. I can’t imagine being almost a hundred years old, at least not the way I’ve been living, but maybe I’m doing it wrong. My parents always told me that time would move faster as I aged, but it hasn’t.

Maybe I’ve got some work to do. Maybe I need a change.

Paul Ciano

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