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Children of Dune: The Voice From the Wilderness

Published on February 16, 2017 by Paul Ciano

Who is that calls for Muad’Dib?


Muad’Dib’s words are the wind. They vanish, like water on the sand. I’ll give you Muad’Dib’s words. I’ll rub your faces in them!


I am the voice from the wilderness, and I bring you a warning. The water we spread upon the desert has become blood. Blood! Upon the land, which was once clean and pure.

The Voice from the Wilderness

We have provoked the desert. Forsaken its ways. We have succumb to mindless ritual and seductive ceremony. Placed faith in those who crush dissent! Enrich themselves with power. Commit atrocity. All in the name of righteousness! All in the name, of Muad’Dib.

In the Name of Muad'Dib

We have fouled the nest, and it is killing us. But I have seen a path, a Golden Path. The path Muad’Dib could not take.

A Golden Path

I have stood upon the sand, and I have seen a beast rise up. And upon the head of that beast, is the name of salvation. Come to spill water upon the sand. Come to lead us back, to a dry and thirsty land.

Rise Up

Only one blasphemy remains. And that blasphemy, is Alia!


Forgive me, sister.

Forgive Me

It’s in your hands now, son.

It’s in your hands now.
Paul Ciano

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