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Samurai Jack: What Do You Want From Me?

Published on July 30, 2017 by Paul Ciano

It’s time to end it, don’t you think?

Never. They are just machines. I’ll find a way. I always have.

When you have the sword, but now it’s gone. There’s no hope.

I’ve been doing fine without it.

Well, listen to you. And what are you going to do when Aku finds you and realizes you have no sword?

Aku doesn’t know, and he hasn’t shown himself in years. He keeps thinking that one of his machines can defeat me.

Maybe he’s right. You haven’t faced anything so powerful. How much longer can you keep this up?

It always seems bad at first, but then, I find a way. There’re just nuts and bolts. Just nuts and bolts.

Who cares anymore? There’s no way home. There’s nothing to fight for! There’s no more honor. Come to think of it, the only honorable thing to do is…


No! I won’t spend eternity in this forsaken time!

What do you want from me?

I want it to end.

To End
Paul Ciano

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