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Star Wars: Rebels - Trials of the Darksaber

Published on January 22, 2017 by Paul Ciano

Because I know what it’s like when people you love don’t believe in you.


Ignite the blade.


Good. Let’s work on a series. Are you ready?


You’re not fighting me. You’re fighting yourself, and losing.


The truth is that, I left to save everyone.


My mother, my father, my brother, everything I did was for family, for Mandalore!


I built weapons, terrible weapons, but the Empire used them on Mandalore. On friends, on family, people that I knew.


They controlled us through fear. Ha, Mandalore! Fear of weapons I helped create. I helped enslave my people!


I wanted to stop it. I had to stop it. I spoke out. I spoke out to save them, to save everyone! But when I did, my family didn’t stand with me. They chose the Empire. They left me. Gave me no choice.

The Empire wanted to destroy worlds, and they did. They just broke mine.

Paul Ciano

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