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The Expanse: Make Sure You Tell Them That

Published on April 30, 2017 by Paul Ciano

You in the mood to talk?

What about?

About the friends we choose to keep, like Jules-Pierre Mao.

He’s a good man, Chrisjen.

Maybe he was, once, but it’s quite clear now that he was involved with Eros.

We have no proof that that’s the case.

His own daughter was working with the OPA to stop him.

So you really believe that he was trying to destroy the Earth? Is that right?

He was playing with powers he couldn’t control. Have you had any contact with him?

No. I have no idea where he is.

We need to know what he knows. You should convince him to come in from the cold.

How am I supposed to do that?

He trusts you. And if he helps us, he can keep a semblance of the life he’s always known.

You’re really willing to cut him a deal?

Yes, and for anyone who can help us understand what we’re dealing with. We both know how the world works. When the stakes are this high, many things are possible.

I can reach out to his family. His two sons, another daughter that he adores, they’ll be able to reach him. Maybe they can help him, turn himself in.

Good. And please let them know that, if they can’t, I will rain hellfire down on them all. I will freeze their assets, cancel their contracts, cripple their business. And I have the power to do it, cause I am the fucking hero who helped save Mother Earth from the cataclysm that Jules-Pierre Mao unleashed! Tell his children, the government is more powerful than any corporation. And the only reason they think it tilts the other way is because we poor, public servants are always looking for some fat private sectors’s payoff down the road. But I’m not looking, and by the time they can pull the strings to force me out, it will be too late. Their family will be ruined. Their mother, the children, their children, all of them, pariahs, outlaws! Hunted and on the run for the rest of their days, until we find them and nail each and every last one to the wall. Make sure you tell them that.

The Fucking Hero

Sounds good to me.

Paul Ciano

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