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The Expanse: Making Sense

Published on April 23, 2017 by Paul Ciano

I think you’re right.


Let it go.

We fought for nothing. People died. We nearly died. Miller just…

He got you out of Eros alive.

He shot an unarmed man, right in the head.

An unarmed mass murderer.

Are you defending him?

You can’t understand.

The only thing he was out for was revenge.

No, he cared about all of us.

We had Dresden. He was gonna talk. We could’ve used him to…

We could have what? Worked out a deal? With a man who casually murdered countless Belters. A man who was a threat to all human life. And that is why Miller shot him.

He didn’t have the right to make that decision.

But you do?


I know that you know that Dresden was gonna get away with it. But I didn’t kill him cause he’s crazy. I killed him cause he was making sense.

Paul Ciano

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