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The People Speak: The Reality of War

Published on October 14, 2017 by Paul Ciano

Dalton Trumbo, 1939:

Take me along the country roads and stop by every farmhouse and every field, and ring a dinner gong so that the farmers and their wives and their children and their hired men and women can see me.

Take me into the schoolhouses, all the schoolhouses in the world. Suffer little children to come unto me, isn’t that right? They may scream at first. They may have nightmares at night, but they’ll get used to it, because they’ve got to get used to it and it’s good to start them young. Gather them around and say, here little girl, here little boy, come, and take a look at your daddy. Come and look at yourself. You’ll be like that when you grow up, to be great, big, strong men and women. You’ll have a chance to die for your country. And you may not die. You may come back like this. Not everybody dies, kiddies.

Take me wherever there are parliaments, and diets, and congresses, and chambers of statesmen. I want to be there when they talk about honor, and justice, and making the world safe for democracy…Let them draft notes, and ultimatums, and protests, and accusations.

But before they vote on them, before they give the order for all the little guys to start killing each other, let the main guy rap his gavel and point down at me and say, here gentlemen, is the only issue before this house, and that is, are you for this thing here, or are you against it?

Paul Ciano

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