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The Wolverine: Kuzuri

Published on October 11, 2017 by Paul Ciano

Kuzuri. Do you know what that means? An animal. Fierce creature, with long claws and sharp teeth. It fears nothing.

The Kuzuri

When I was a girl, I had nightmares. I would wake up and run to my parents. My father would get angry. “Go back to sleep. Face your fears.” My grandfather was different. He told me stories about Kuzuri, his friend, who he met at the bottom of a well. He said the Kuzuri was magical and saved his life. He said Kuzuri would protect me, too, as I slept in my bed.


Who’s Jean? Is she like you? What happened to her?


She died. I killed her…along with the Kuzuri.

Paul Ciano

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