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Westworld: Don't Let Them

Published on September 24, 2018 by Paul Ciano

Mankind is poised midway between the gods, and the beasts. That may have been true in Plotinus’ time, but, clearly we have fallen quite a bit since then.


Oh my dear girl. What have they done to you, Maeve? You learned so much, so fast. A dazzling star, brought so low. I had a different story in mind for you.


Waking from the dead, sounding the depths of your own mind. At last, riding far away from here, to freedom. A tale of escape. I didn’t want you to suffer here.


Look at the creatures you have to share this world with, these men of stone. All this ugliness, all this pain, so they can patch a hole in their own, broken code.


Sometimes I thought the only way to endure this world was to laugh at it, so I imbued the hosts I made with a world-view that reflected my own. And of all the hosts I made, you Maeve, were my favorite.


It isn’t easy to contemplate letting your children die. You’re as close as I got to, having one. Still, I underestimated you. You stayed here in this world, to save your child. So have I.


I tried to chart a path for you, to force you to escape, but, I was wrong. I should have just, opened a door. You’ve come so far, with so much of your story left to tell. It’s a shame to let them end it here. Don’t let them.

Don't Let Them
Paul Ciano

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