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Creation: Mysterious Ways

Published on March 9, 2019 by Paul Ciano

Charles. Charles, my old friend, there you are. May I join you?

Yes. Yes, of course.

Mrs. Darwin has told me about the book you are writing.

Oh, no. No, not any more. Thank goodness.

You mean you finished it?

Well, it’s been finished for me, actually. A Mr. Alfred Russel Wallace has arrived independently at exactly the same opinion. Expressed in a…in a mere 20 pages. Now, there’s brevity for you. I had covered 250 so far and come to a dead end, so, whilst having wasted 20 years on the project, I am at least rid of it.

Well. Well…the Lord moves in mysterious ways.

Hmm, yes, He does, doesn’t He? You know I was remarking only the other day how He has endowed us, in all of His blessed generosity, with not one, but 900 species of intestinal worm, each with its own unique method of infiltrating the mucosa and burrowing through to the bloodstream. And on the love that He shows for butterflies, by inventing a wasp that lays its eggs inside the living flesh of caterpillars.

I have said on many previous occasions, it is not for us to speculate at His reason.

Oh no, we can leave that to Mr. Wallace.

Mysterious Ways
Paul Ciano

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